Friday, July 15, 2011

Moments that shouldn't go forgotten

Huntington Beach.
Sam went to the golfing range with us.
Such a hot golfer!
Mmmmmmmm! Godiva Brownie Sundae.
What a smile.
The night before he proposed at the Cheesecake Factory!

East Coast

So as you all probably know, Will and I are on opposites ends of the country during summer. He is in Maryland working and I am in California planning the wedding. We both drove down to California after we got engaged and I moved in with my parents for the summer and then a few days later, Will left me. :( It has been so hard on me. I knew it would be hard but It's been harder than I thought! Will is such an amazing man that he flew me out to Maryland for 2 weeks to see him and the East Coast! I have always wanted to see the East Coast and especially New York City. He took me to Ocean City, all around Salisbury, DC for wedding dress shopping and New York City! We did so many things! He is so good to me and always makes sure that I'm happy! I am seriously so lucky to be marrying someone so AMAZING!

Most of my NYC pictures are on my cell phone,
because my camera died 10 minutes after I got there. Bummer.

One of my first pictures in NYC.
Just some lights and such at Times Square.
The famous Macy's.
I took this picture before I fell out of love with New York.
Car show weekend in Ocean City, MD.
Famous Ocean City Boardwalk.
Will being silly.
The guy behind us being even more silly.
Shorebirds Baseball game.
I love this picture.
I miss being close to him.
Atlantic Ocean!
What a stud he is.
Water crashing on the rocks, where the bay
meets the ocean.
Happy couple.
Some odd things in OC.
This is where the trash talking began.
Just some competitive mini golf.
Winner gets a 20 minute massage!
So serious.
Look at that concentration.
In the wild.
He's so cute!
This thing is HUGE!!!
Beautiful Peacock.
So small.
Big lazy crocodile.
I love the Zoo!

Engagement Pictures

My photographer sister Rachel was kind enough to take our engagement pictures for us even though she was sick. Thank you Rachel. We love them!

I love the way he looks at me.
I love that he can always make me laugh.
I love his passion.
I love his soft touch.
I love holding his hand.
I love his kind heart.
I love that he protects me.
I love his support.
I love his cute smile.
I love that he's all mine.
I love to kiss him.
I love his sweet kisses.
I love being close to him.
I love that he is my best friend.
I love to hold onto him.
I love the way he makes me feel.
I love his good looks.
I love when he holds me in his arms.
I love that he is going to be my husband!